Welcoming Our Newest Team Members!

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Welcoming Our Newest Team Members! 3

We are excited to welcome 11 new members to our Calo Team. One of our sweet canines, Melody, gave birth to 11 beautiful, strong, healthy puppies on February 28th, 2022. Melody had the honor of being cared for throughout her pregnancy by one of our Teen Girls team homes, The Tiger Lilies. The Tiger Lilies will continue to provide care for them until the puppies are 4 weeks old. At 8 weeks old, they will be available for any of our students to utilize them in therapy sessions, canine walks, and canine trainings. The students have the responsibility of being trained in Canine Handling, which includes training the canines, caring for them, as well as grooming them. This is Melody’s first litter and she delivered them with absolute grace, with the assistance of our Animal Assisted Therapy team and the Tiger Lilies team.

The Teen Girls in our Tiger Lilies team were given the privilege’s of naming all of these sweet puppies. The theme of the names revolved around music, including a few names such as Lyric, Harmony, Rhythm and Beethoven.

We are so thrilled to be able to continue changing the lives of adolescents and families through Calo’s Animal Assisted Therapy Program. With the implementation of Transferrable Attachment, utilizing the golden retrievers, we are able to help the students understand and practice responsibility, create trust, and build healthy relationships.