Introducing a New Director of Admissions at Calo

Morgan Steward (formerly Morgan Martensen), current Associate Director of Admissions, is being promoted to Director of Admissions effective July 28, 2021. Morgan has over five years of experience in the admissions department for the trauma-focused RTC, following several years spent as a direct care staff. Morgan has a history of dedication to the students, families, and referral partners that she works with. With a strong commitment to serving others, she is an excellent leader for current Admissions Coordinators Kim Cox and Tiffany Fields. Morgan expresses “although I am sad to say goodbye to our current Admissions Director, Rachel, I am excited to use the many tools taught by her and other leadership members to guide my admissions team and support our program.” A Missouri native, Morgan is recently married, works with adolescents in the local community as a gymnastics coach, and enjoys spending time with her two dogs, Dottie and Kit.

Current Admissions Director Rachel Vandevoort brings her more than nine year career at Calo to a close as she recently relocated to Iowa to be closer to extended family. This transition has been planned for several months as her husband accepted a new job this spring. She credits Calo for her introduction to the therapeutic industry, stating “I’m so grateful for the training, development, and friendship that I was provided while working at Calo. My cumulative experiences there have molded the person, parent, and professional that I am today.” Rachel will start a fully-remote position with another program in August.

As always, the Calo admissions team can be reached by calling 573-745-5662 or emailing [email protected]

To reach Morgan directly, call 573-746-7301 or email [email protected]

Calo was created in 2007 with the need for specialty care in mind. With over a decade of outcomes, Calo enrolls students ages 9 to 17 affected by early-life adverse experiences. Calo adopts a true relational based treatment approach to create change from the inside out-heart first, and behavior second. Calo Preteens achieves emotional and behavioral regulation through playfulness and spontaneous, connective experiences. The program utilizes Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy and a proprietary therapeutic model, an evidence-based and effective treatment for trauma and disorders of attachment, to restore trust and heal relationships. Nestled in the beautiful woods of Lake of the Ozarks, the serene and homey campus is an ideal therapeutic setting for students age 9 to 14. At Calo Teens, adopted teens, and those with developmental trauma, in need of relationship-based interventions are the focus. Calo was the first treatment center specialized to serve adoptive families and they continue to work with families on trauma/loss associated with relinquishment. In 2020 Calo opened two transition homes for emerging young adults completing the Teen program who would benefit from learning independent living skills before transitioning home. These homes serve students ages 17 to 20 and are separated by gender.