Attachment Treatment for Teens & Preteens

We Heal the Effects of Developmental Trauma

Calo Programs is uniquely focused and specially equipped to treat students and families impacted by traumatic experiences which occurred in the developmental period, such as adoption, chronic stress, and inconsistent care from caregivers. These adolescents struggle to be in healthy relationship with family and peers, experience emotional dysregulation, and often fail to maintain safe behavior in school or at home. With a foundational focus on safety and creating repetitive experiences of co-regulation through relationship, our students begin the journey towards developing a healthy sense of self. This enables them to engage with the resources and relationships that they have previously rejected. 

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Uniquely Relational Treatment

The best way to heal developmental trauma is to provide healthy, repetitive, relational therapeutic experiences in a context of relationships that are consistently safe, empathetic and attuned. Calo implements a unique and truly relational treatment model using evidence-based attachment treatment research and the science of neurobiology. We believe, and research supports, that this approach coupled with intense family work is the most significant and powerful agent of change. Our proprietary treatment approach is pervasive throughout the program and ultimately leads to co-regulation and joy.

Calo gave me hope, faith, love, and reassurance that one day I’d be strong and that I would be able to fight any battles that were thrown my way.

- Kristina, Calo Alumn

Providing Therapeutic Programs for:

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Calo Preteens is appropriate for adopted girls and boys between the ages of 11 and 13 years old that are struggling with relationships with parents, siblings and peers.

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Teen Boys

Calo Teens accepts teen boys between the ages of 14 to 18 facing attachment, complex trauma and emotional regulation issues.


Teen Girls

Calo Teens accepts teen girls between the ages of 14 to 18 facing attachment, complex trauma and emotional regulation issues.


Nationally Recognized Program

Calo Programs is the nation’s first adoption and trauma specific residential treatment center employing over 40 Golden Retrievers to support healing. We are nationally recognized for our expert work in Canine Therapy for healing the effects of early childhood trauma complicated by adoption. Our students raise, train, feed, and sometimes adopt a Calo Canine in a process we call “transferable attachment.” In this way, our students learn how to create and maintain reciprocal relationships. They learn empathy. They learn to give. They heal trauma. Our mission is clear: Heal Trauma, Save Lives