Family Intensive Therapy

We are so excited to be re-launching our Family Intensive Program here at Calo!  As we deeply know, parental involvement and commitment is critical to the growth and healing of students with developmental trauma. However, many parents experience secondary trauma and often feel like they do not have the tools to be effective. This understandably makes commitment difficult. So what happens when parents in treatment feel the need for some more hands-on experience? Or, what if the child has a plateau in treatment and is experiencing being “stuck”? Perhaps a family is nearing the end of treatment, and desire some one-on-one time to establish dynamics before the child returns home?

So, How Does a Family Intensive Work?

A Family Intensive is a 4-day therapeutic experience that is conducted in the comfort of a home near Calo’s campus. This intensive helps explore the root cause of difficulty within the family unit, works to break unhealthy attachment and communication patterns, and creates new experiences of positive family dynamics. This is done by using biofeedback, experiential family therapy, and psychoeducation. It is ideal for families who wish to address relational dynamics on a deeper, more intensive level. This can also be an effective way to shorten length of time spent in residential care.

Embark Family Intensives are an “add on service” which includes:

  • 4 days of intensive therapy and assessment with two clinicians (Embark therapist and primary Calo therapist)
  • 5 night stay in a lake view home
  • Basic food and drinks
  • Treatment planning/follow up report