New Team Members – Puppies

Ushering in the 2021 New Years- we are excited to welcome new team members: November 2020 was a golden month for Calo! We were delighted with the arrival of 11 new golden retriever pups born to two different mommas on campus. On November 5th our beloved Moon gave birth to 4 puppies. This is her first litter in several years and we are thrilled to have pups with her sweet face and disposition. As a Thanksgiving Day miracle on November 26th Nola gave birth to her third litter which included 7 puppies.

Our boys’ transition team home have had the privilege of caring for Moon during her pregnancy and continue to care for her and her little ones. Nola has been cared for by the girls’ transition team home, where she will remain with her pups until they are ready to transition to campus.

We are elated to have another 11 sweet goldens to add to our therapeutic team of changing lives and creating joy. These team members provide some of the most effective therapeutic experiences for our kiddos. The pups will get the opportunity to provide our students with a hands-on experience of CASA as the students offer commitment, acceptance, security, and attunement to these little canines and learn the process of creating secure-caregiving through foster care and potentially adoption!

We are passionate about changing lives through transferrable attachment using golden retrievers and these new recruits are just the right pups for the job!