What Parents Say

“We looked at 15 different programs before deciding to apply for Calo. Each program listed a dozen or more things that they do, services they provide, and somewhere in that list was “early childhood trauma with attachment disorder.” That wasn’t good enough for us. We didn’t want our son in a program where his particular need was only one aspect of their program. It’s impossible to do that many things, and do them all well. Calo does one thing, and does it with commitment and excellence.”
“Making the decision to place our almost 15 year old daughter at Calo was excruciating. No parents ever envision the necessity of enrolling their child in a residential treatment center. Adoptive parents, like we are, have typically gone to great lengths to even become parents. To willingly entrust one's child into the care of others speaks to the "back story" and years of brokenness, trauma, pain and suffering. And yet, we can now state with certainty that there is no better place for our daughter than Calo. She is steadily healing. Hope is being restored. She can look out to a future. Our family is on a path toward wholeness. If we were to name one reason why Calo is amazing, we would cite the care of the entire staff. We personally know at least several dozen staff and can say that, without exception, they embody the Calo CASA model: commitment, attunement, security and acceptance. It's not just a paycheck or a job. They invest themselves wholeheartedly. Thank you, Calo, for making a monumental difference in the life of our daughter and our family.”
“Calo offers an exceptional model for kids with early childhood trauma and attachment disorders, supported by insightful, competent, and caring therapists, psychiatrist, and staff. By the time someone is considering residential treatment, the journey to that point has likely already been long, hard, and lonely-for parents and kids alike! We have found Calo to be an exceptional partner on this challenging journey and we are thankful to have found the program. Our son's progress is slow and we know it will take time, but we also know we are in good hands and are giving ourselves and our son the opportunity for growth and healing—and ultimately joy!”
“When we came to Calo, we were exhausted and had given up hope that things could get better. From our first visit, we began to see how the Calo approach was different and just what we needed. Our daughter has changed dramatically! Equally important, we have changed the way we parent—and that has made all the difference.”
“Calo saved my daughter's life. She had been through multiple therapists, several outpatient programs and other inpatient facilities. She wasn't getting better and our psychiatrist recommended Calo. She spent 13 months there and came home a changed person. Calo gave her the skills to work through her problems. She had an amazing therapist who was able to help her in a way no other therapist ever could. I could never thank the staff at Calo enough for helping my daughter heal.”
I am so pleased with the services available to Austin. He may not consistently choose to access and allow such services to impact him at times, but I believe if he would, it would make a tremendous difference for him.Calo Parent

What Students Say

“I truly came into Calo as a broken, scared, and very helpless little girl. I didn't know if there was really any more life for me to fight for. Calo changed that feeling and fear for me. Calo gave me hope, love, and reassurance that one day I'd be strong and that I would be able to fight any battles that were thrown my way. I gained so many relationships while being at Calo, that I still to this day hold dear to my heart. I thank the Calo team for saving me and giving me another chance at life. This is the place of healing, truly.”

“This place has completely changed my life, I was a past student at Calo and this place truly created a path of opportunity where I can learn to trust again and have healthy relationships. The canine program here is truly outstanding. Transferable attachments can be healing, first comes the human to dog trust then comes the human to human relationship. Kids with developmental trauma have to start somewhere.”

“I went to Calo Teens and not a day goes by that I don’t miss it or appreciate the help and growth I’ve gotten and achieved through this program. I was on a path that led to awful consequences and with the help of the staff, students, teachers, therapists, and so many others, I was able to create and build healthier relationships that led me to be a college student and member of the US Military. I met many extraordinary people, made lifelong friendships, and adopted my beautiful, caring Golden Retriever Bella! Thanks for what you've done Calo and you will forever always have a place in my heart!”

Through parenting the canines, I learned that a lot of the things my parents did to help such as discipline and boundaries were actually necessary. This helped bring understanding and gave me the support to start working on what became a nonexistent relationship with my parents. I starting working with a canine named Jake in August and fell in love. He has been my motivation through my time here at Calo. Andrew, Calo Alumni

What Professionals Say About Calo

Calo is an excellent program and maybe the only program that fully integrates an attachment-focused model for the treatment of preteens. I've had the privilege of working with this group of competent and dedicated professionals and have observed their work first hand. In many instances a child cannot remain safely at home. In those instances, an attachment-focused model of residential treatment is the best option–just like a parent may treat their child's skinned knee, but would bring the child to the emergency room for a broken leg. When a child has significant trauma- related and attachment difficulties and the child, parent, or family cannot maintain safety, residential treatment is the appropriate and responsible course of treatment. Specialized treatment for children with trauma and attachment disorder is essential for the simple reason that different treatments are effective for different conditions. Attachment-focused treatment is an evidence-based, effective, and empirically validated treatment. Calo is world- class at this trauma and attachment treatment.

Arthur Becker-Weidman, Ph.D. Leading Attachment Expert, Center For Family Development

“I have worked with hundreds of teens and their parents in the ten years I've been with Calo. The changes I see in them are absolutely life changing. The kids grow and learn new ways of thinking about life and about themselves. Parents develop new understanding and responses. Every aspect of the program—animal assisted therapy, adventure therapy, the residential experience—all work together within our unique relational model to heal the effects of early childhood trauma that had held them back for so long. To see families experience joy together is the best feeling in the world!”

Susi Wittrock, Calo Teens Staff Trainer