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Wendy Tyson

Morgan S

Wendy Tyson is originally from Brown County.  She became interested in working with abuse and neglected children around the age of 22 when she started working for the Discovery House in Goldthwaite, Texas. Wendy decided to become a foster parent after her brother-in-law introduced her to a sibling group needing a home. Since that time, she fostered more than 250 children throughout the years and adopted one child.  During her time at TDH, she cared for 34 children,  boys and girls age 0-18.  She provided daily interventions, within a family residential treatment model.  She then had an opportunity to join a child placing agency that also offered emergency shelter services.  She was licensed through this CPA as a therapeutic Foster Parent in which she cared for 8 girls at one time.  Wendy’s responsibilities ranged from daily structure, emergency behavior interventions, therapeutic recreation, meal prep, therapeutic documentation, medical, behavioral health services, as well as, involved in the individual treatment services.  Wendy then had an opportunity to team up with another Child Placing Agency-CPA.  During her time within this CPA, she fulfilled a number of professional duties.  She cared for well over a 100 children during her time with this CPA.  Wendy also was instrumental in helping countless children within her care to find their FOREVER HOME.  She then had an opportunity to team up with a childcare professional in which Wendy joined a new Child Placing Agency.  During this season, Wendy assisted in developing other therapeutic families in strengthening their skills as child development specialists.