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Suk-Kyong “Suki” Hinds

Allie Johnson

Suk-Kyong Hinds, also known as “Suki”, was born in Seoul South Korea. She came to the states at the age of 9. When arriving to the states she lived in El Paso, Texas. Coming from a foreign country to here was different, as she had to learn English on her own since there wasn’t an ESL for Korean people. She also learned Spanish since she lived in El Paso, near the Mexico border. She taught herself both languages just by listening to others speak and watching TV. Suki decided to join the Calo team since she was in foster care also at a young age and can empathize with the students here. She strives to make a different for these students and wants the students here to understand that no matter what, you can become someone, and you can have a better life for yourself. You just need to never give up.