sam brush

Samantha Brush

Morgan S

Samantha joined Calo in 2018, originally serving as a direct care coach, then transitioning to the Staff Trainer position in 2019, followed by stepping into the role of Team Lead in late 2019. Samantha pursued other career options, however her desire to serve students resulted in her returning to Calo as a Neurothearpy Technician in 2021. She now serves as a Teen Boys Care Manager. She has a love for the outdoors and has spent many years backpacking, kayaking, rappelling, and hiking. It is not uncommon to also find her gardening and caring for her chickens. The decision to join Calo was formulated for Samantha because of her strong desire to serve young individuals, putting to use her expressive and caring personality. Samantha is very personable and engaging, which allows her to build great relationships with students and represent the CASA model through her position at Calo.