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Kemisha Lewis, B.A.

Morgan S

Kemisha was born in Jamaica but resides in Missouri. She came to Missouri as an athletic student and grew to love the place. Being a leader is important to her and she has devoted a lot of time to helping different individuals so they can look into themselves and become great leaders. She has been working at Calo since 2020 and says it has been a blessing for her, despite the challenges it may bring. Working at Calo, she has developed many skills and learned how to properly communicate effectively with others. She is an active person and loves to get her  students out to be active as well. Kemisha loves sports, hiking, gaming and just about anything that brings joy to her life. As Kemisha would say “never say never, until you try and give it your best.”

“Labor for learning before you grow old, for learning is better than silver and gold. Silver and gold will vanish away but a good education will never decay.”